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PayQuicker is a financial technology company that provides global payments services to businesses across industries. PayQuicker’s RESTful API, which streamlines real-time payouts for its users, was rebuilt to grant more abilities to its users and required extensive documentation to assist both developers and end users. PayQuicker additionally needed a restructured development portal that would ensure users remained well-guided.


With PayQuicker’s previous writer described as “not technical enough,” the company partnered with DevDocs due to its team of heavily experienced developers-turned-documentarians with experience building comprehensive API documentation and optimizing developer portals. DevDocs created over 200 pages of documentation for both developers and end users, covering new user abilities such as sending invitations, sending payments, debiting user accounts, retrieving user account balances, locating user reports, and retrieving transactional reports.

DevDocs’ technical writers and developers additionally audited the PayQuicker documentation hub, building a content plan with recommendations around information architecture, topics to be added, deleted, or merged, and improving the clarity and simplicity of updates. Content was migrated from readme.io to APImatic and SEO was improved, taking into consideration the needs of both end users and developers.


With the assistance of DevDocs’ technical writers and developers, PayQuicker users now have more abilities, as well as clean and organized API documentation to provide essential guidance and reduce support requests. Internal productivity improved with instant answers attainable through strategic documentation linking, consistency in writing style, and the implementation of documentation best practices. PayQuicker now provides a best-in-class developer portal experience, seamlessly supporting versioning, with developer guides (markdown authored content) and SDK (OpenAPI spec) feeling unified in writing style and presentation.

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