Government & proposal writing

Get compliant and comprehensive documentation that assists in securing government contracts while enabling your business to grow and compete.

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    government proposal writing

    Creating winning proposals

    Delegate your proposal writing to a team experienced in crafting compliant regulatory documentation, RFP responses, and proposals that get the right attention.

    Get proposal writing from trusted experts

    Government-related projects such as grant proposals and compliance reports often require intensive documentation needs, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Our team of proposal writers has intimate familiarity with crafting compliant regulatory documentation efficiently while respecting team and stakeholder time.

    winning government proposals

    Be competitive & agile

    For businesses seeking government contracts, fierce competition, strict selection criteria, and adaptability to changing technologies can provide challenges. We will help you keep competitive and agile with documentation that encompasses the features and benefits of your services while ensuring seamless collaboration with various agency document management systems.

    Promote accuracy & transparency

    Government documentation must be completely accurate to ensure that the information provided to the public, stakeholders, and auditors is trustworthy.  Documented processes often require the creation of thorough audit trails to track changes, revisions, and access. We make audit trails easy to identify and manage.

    “DevDocs is the ideal tech partner for our fast-paced environment. They consistently deliver excellent solutions quickly, and have successfully handled every challenge we’ve presented to them, from blog writing to web development.”

    Ryan Young, Technical Writing Strategist at Stripe

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    "DevDocs improved the readability of our existing content and corrected misleading instructions, preparing our services for Beta release seamlessly. Their attention to detail was impeccable. Moreover, DevDocs went above and beyond by creating user content for unreleased features, ensuring our clients continue to derive value in the future."

    Marc LeDoux, Full Stack Developer at Pulsario

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    Government grant & proposal writing

    Whether it's securing funding, achieving compliance, or enhancing communication, we're committed to providing deliverables that empower our clients to succeed.

    RFP & Grant Proposal Writing
    We craft persuasive and compelling grant proposals that increase your chances of securing funding for vital projects and initiatives. Our expert writers understand the nuances of grant applications and will tailor your proposals to resonate with grantors.

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    Technical Documentation
    Our technical writers create clear and precise technical documentation that simplifies complex processes, procedures, and systems. We specialize in transforming intricate technical information into accessible and understandable documents.

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    Compliance Documentation
    We ensure strict adherence to government regulations and industry standards through meticulous compliance documentation. Our experience in various industries helps our clients maintain compliance while reducing the risk of legal and financial repercussions.

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    Policy & Procedural Manuals
    Get comprehensive policy and procedure manuals that serve as essential references for agencies, internal operations, and external stakeholders. These manuals promote consistency, efficiency, and transparency within your organization.

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    Reports & Case Studies
    We will create and compile informative reports and case studies that convey data, research findings, and success stories clearly and convincingly. Our reports are instrumental in supporting informed decision-making and demonstrating impact for government agencies seeking responses.

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    Training Guides & Manuals
    Let us write and design custom training materials for educating staff, stakeholders, and the public. These materials facilitate knowledge transfer, enhance compliance, and improve operational efficiency. Grow your business strategically with better continuity in operations.

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    Hire tech writers that deliver confidence

    Our vetted technical writers integrate directly into your Product Engineering or Marketing teams, providing the utmost assurance in your project's quality and completion.

    Knowledge Base & End User Content
    Reduce customer support tickets with product documentation that speaks to users. Improve product performance and maintenance while delivering a valuable, engaging and understandable user experience.
    API & Developer Documentation
    Hire technical writers who generate high-quality, succinct, and easy-to-understand API documentation that boosts efficiency and inspires confidence in your product or service.
    User & Installation Documentation
    DevDocs' expert technical writers create user-facing documentation based on industry best practices, ensuring competent technical content is consistently associated with your brand.
    Process & Procedure Documentation
    We develop professional documentation for your organization’s internal processes, policies, and procedures to keep your operations running smoothly.
    Professional Hardware & Manufacturing Docs
    You've constructed a product, now it's time to find a technical writing agency to craft a concise and clear outline of your product's features and details. Our tech writers speak to users, making everyone's life easier.
    Technical Blogs & Whitepapers
    Generate leads and establish authority with professional and engaging white papers and blogs created by the DevDocs team. Our technical content strategists have experience in every industry. 
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    We helped a healthcare startup receive FDA approval

    Medical device manufacturer Pulsario needed comprehensive documentation for regulatory approval. Learn how our robust product and process documentation helped them quickly get their first product on the market.

    medical device documentation

    We write winning proposals

    Navigating the intricacies of the government and public sector demands more than standard documentation services or freelance technical writers can provide. At DevDocs, we recognize the challenges posed by compliance, stringent regulations, and the need for precision in this sector. Our proposal and grant writing services provide tailored solutions that enable government agencies, non-profits, and businesses in partnership with government services to overcome bureaucratic hurdles, communicate effectively, and succeed in securing grants, contracts, and regulatory compliance.

    remote technical consultants
    On-Site and Remote

    With developers, writers, and content experts available globally, we can provide you with a local team to work on-premises or remotely regardless of time zone.

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    A real human being will reach out to tell you exactly what we'd do, how much we'd charge, and why we're the best technical partner for your team's needs.

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