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What is DevDocs?

We are a technical consulting agency with over ten years of experience placing experienced technical consultants (writers, designers, and developers) to strategize and create high-quality technical content, documentation, design, and development. Our technical consultants have experience successfully implementing modern workflows and industry best practices for both enterprise and startup clients across industries.

I want to learn more. How can I get in touch?

Great! Simply fill and submit our proposal form or set up a meeting directly with a project specialist. We will evaluate your information and quickly get in touch to learn more about your technical project. Then, based on the details provided, we will formulate:

•  A project proposal that outlines our plan of execution
•  A specific technical consultant or team to be assigned to your project
•  Budget and timeline estimates and any risks or recommendations we have

What factors do you consider when matching me with a technical consultant?

We will pair you with a technical writer, designer, developer, or team with work experience most relevant to your niche. We consider location, experiences, industry fit, and working style preferences to integrate ideally into your team. Our goal is long-term placement but our technical consultants are available for projects of any size or scope. Our industry experience includes but is not limited to:

•  Software & SaaS  
•  Healthcare & Medical
•  Government & RFP
•  Finance & Fintech
•  Blockchain & Crypto

Where is DevDocs available?

DevDocs is headquartered in Austin, TX, and also has an office in Los Angeles, CA, but our technical consultants are located around the world and can support any region and time zone. About 80% of our workforce is based around the United States, with the rest throughout Europe.

Our consultants

Who are DevDocs consultants and how can they assist?

Our consultants are technical writers, editors, developers, designers, content strategists, proposal writers, and project managers available for freelance or ongoing work. We specialize in creating documentation to improve processes, streamline workflows, and assist support resources. Our development team has experience in documentation sites, mobile apps, doc tools, CMS implementation, and more.

When are DevDocs consultants available?

Any time that works for you. We will match you with a technical consultant or team that is available during your business hours and in your time zone.

How do I collaborate with DevDocs consultants?

With remote and in-person options available, we've made it easy to work with our technical writers, designers, and developers. As experienced self-starters, DevDocs consultants will become experts of your product or service, working autonomously and sparing your SME time.

Do DevDocs writers use AI to generate content?

All of our content is created by human, senior-level writers. With client approval, our writers will utilize AI tools to assist in the strategizing, planning, and editing of content to optimize the writing process and encourage efficiency in content production.


What is DevDocs pricing?

We price projects on a case-by-case basis depending on budget requirements and project scope. Our writers, developers, and designers are senior-level experts in their field, and are typically on the higher end of pricing. We are aware our services are premium as we only provide stringently vetted, best-in-field consultants to assist our clients.  We will send a pricing estimate after a quick discussion regarding your deliverable needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about pricing.

How does billing work?

We bill on a monthly basis, with a small retainer required up front to get started. We cover projects of any size or duration but prefer for our consultants to form long-lasting relationships, growing their domain knowledge to improve their productivity and efficiency in supplying your deliverables.

How we find our consultants

How do you source technical writers, designers, and developers?

We receive thousands of applicants each week across our website, job postings, and referrals. We evaluate all applications for strong and relevant work experience, specific tool knowledge and familiarity, relevant schooling/education for the field, and niche industry work experience.

If those align, the candidate will be selected to go through our intensive vetting process.

What is your vetting process?

We set up a first round interview that dives into candidate-specific use cases, tools and technologies relevant to the project, and situation-based questions regarding particular work experiences they can apply to set them up for success on the engagement we are recruiting for.

We have processes and questions around behavioral and personality characteristics that we think would fit well into the culture of the project we’re recruiting for but also for DevDocs, which holds self-starter, autonomously-motivated, consultative-mindset, flexible, and positive professionals in very high esteem.

If that goes well, we move them to another round of more technical interviews, this time with a senior technical writer or project manager to vet their technical acumen and understand just how confident they are in specific documentation, workflow tools, technologies, and platforms that they need to know for the engagement.

The final round of vetting entails a conversation with our CEO and cofounder, someone with development and documentation covering the last 25 years. If a candidate passes all rounds, we will extend an offer. It has also been the case in very highly-technical or niche situations that we will write up a unique sample writing assignment for the writer to complete as well as seek out references.


How do you onboard hired technical consultants?

Once the technical writer, designer, or developer is hired, a stringent onboarding process and protocol begins, during which they will:

•  Receive internal training and a playbook for how to lead a project with a consultative mind
•  Learn how to project manage and communicate effectively
•  Get tips and tricks for keeping budget and timelines on the rails
•  Improve proactive problem solving and creative thinking abilities
•  Apply twenty years of the DevDocs internal team's shared skills and expertise

We then have one to two internal onboarding meetings to go over project proposals and relevant project-specific context they will need to familiarize with prior to meeting with a client. This assures they will be acclimated and confident in the processes and recommendations that they will be providing throughout the engagement.

How does DevDocs work with its clients?

We submit weekly activity reports to convey ongoing progress, next steps for what the team is working on, potential roadblocks and challenges, and means of remedying them.

We rely heavily on sync-up meetings and client feedback to adjust our approach and ensure smooth sailing throughout the entirety of the project. Our technical consultants will schedule SME and developer meetings sparingly, valuing your team's time and ensuring efficiency during research and planning.

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