Marketing website & custom blockchain solution helps country to raise $18 million


With an abundance of marine life and untouched coral reefs, the island country of Niue faces numerous challenges in consistently sourcing funding to preserve its unique ecosystem. To better serve its philanthropic efforts, the government of Niue passed a novel and sustainable funding initiative to inspire the purchase of credits supporting conserved land. Implementation would require a blockchain solution to coordinate resources, a marketing website and software to process payments, and a content strategy to promote the ambitious plan.


Niue approached DevDocs to design and develop its novel blockchain payments solution, as well as create the content strategy for marketing it. The DevDocs team collaborated closely with Niue's government to understand their unique requirements and goals. DevDocs additionally worked with legendary marketing consulting firm McKinsey & Company to evaluate the island’s data and market needs for constructing the specific functionality of Niue’s software.

Our close partnership with Niue allowed us to design user interfaces that were practical, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing for the marketing website, the end user-facing final product, and the internal dashboard. Our design approach focused on ensuring that all stakeholders, from government administrators to everyday citizens, could easily navigate and utilize the platform. 

We consulted with cryptocurrency leader Ripple to build the processing solution utilizing a custom-made XRPL blockchain to fit the needs of Niue. Leveraging our extensive experience and technical expertise, we created a reliable, high-performing platform that fully realized Niue's vision of using blockchain technology for environmental conservation.

As part of our comprehensive service, we developed a technical content strategy and produced persuasive marketing copy for the website. We understood that the success of this initiative hinged not only on the effectiveness of the software solution but also on the ability to engage and educate prospects and users. Our content strategy aimed to communicate the benefits and functionality of the blockchain solution, ensuring that users were effectively motivated to contribute to the protection of Niue's oceanic territory.


The completed blockchain payments solution will allow Niue to raise its goal of $18 million in philanthropic donations. With conservation efforts streamlined into a centralized system, Niue can implement effective monitoring and evaluation efforts to better assess the ecosystem and assist the island’s 14 villages. This project represents a significant success in DevDocs' portfolio, demonstrating our ability to deliver comprehensive services across design, content strategy, and software development. We are proud to have contributed to Niue's innovative approach to protecting its oceanic territory.

Thanks to our partnership with DevDocs, we were able to provide our donors with an appealing and effective fundraising solution.

Their expertise in web development, content creation, and blockchain integration allowed us to complete a complicated and multifaceted project swiftly and seamlessly, with the DevDocs team managing every aspect of the project in a professional and timely manner.

DevDocs helped us plan and deploy a unique project, and we couldn’t be happier with the collaboration and results.

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Brendon Pasisi

Project Manager

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