Thorough SOPs prepare small-midsize business for explosive growth


Gibson Painting is a fifth-generation, family-owned painting and construction company renowned for its commitment to high-quality work. The company required well-defined processes to ensure efficiency, consistency, and scalability across all departments, including Sales, HR, Front Office, and Operations.

To support its growth ambitions as it transitions from small business to midsize enterprise, Gibson Painting chose DevDocs' process documentation service for documenting and streamlining its existing processes, identifying and creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for undocumented processes, and modernizing outdated tools and practices.


DevDocs began with a thorough audit of Gibson Painting’s existing documentation and processes, reviewing current documents and identifying gaps. Upon discovering several departments lacking documentation, DevDocs utilized its industry knowledge and experience to plan documentation around relevant processes.

DevDocs collaborated with Gibson Painting SMEs to list essential processes needing documentation, such as sales lead identification, proposal generation, bid submission, hiring, training, and scheduling. For processes requiring direct observation, DevDocs gained solid knowledge of each process remotely, saving Gibson Painting time and budget by not requiring an onsite visit to complete the knowledge transfer (though DevDocs is prepared for traveling onsite).

During the audit, DevDocs identified inefficiencies in Gibson Painting’s HR processes. The team recommended and implemented the HR tool Knowify to streamline operations such as employee onboarding, time tracking, and project management. DevDocs additionally provided custom documentation for the tool’s successful application in setup and daily operation. 


DevDocs successfully documented over 50 key SOPs and provided significant process improvement recommendations. DevDocs not only documented existing SOPs but also identified and implemented significant improvements, positioning Gibson Painting for sustainable growth. Gibson Painting plans to double its headcount (currently around 100 employees) in the coming year, and DevDocs’ SOPs preparation is now an integral part of the team’s aggressive growth goal.  

This case study highlights DevDocs’ capability to act as a comprehensive business strategy partner, offering tailored solutions that extend beyond documentation to include strategic improvements and tool implementations. Satisfied with the results, Gibson Painting chose to continue working with DevDocs to document the remainder of their procedures and opted to keep DevDocs on retainer for ongoing process updates and future SOP documentation needs.

"Truthfully, it was a big decision on our end to employ a company for this need. After talking with three other companies, I chose DevDocs.

DevDocs was diligent in listening to our needs and concerns, asking great questions that we had never considered. When we really didn’t have an answer, their knowledge proved to be wonderful in helping us find the answers. It was truly refreshing to work with a company that had dealt with a number of companies like ours.

Our finished product is fantastic and has helped my whole team stay in their proper lanes. I would highly recommend DevDocs to anyone."

Brendon P

Chadd Gibson


Gibson Painting


Process documented across departments


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