How user documentation drastically reduced support tickets

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Diligent, a software/AI engine developer, implemented a cutting-edge CRM system that provided thorough due diligence processes for third-party contracts and renewals. The new CRM aimed to reduce research efforts and costs, but a lack of support documentation and help content created new problems and exacerbated inefficiencies.

Missing user guides and support docs often costs software companies an egregious amount of developer and support time, limiting internal resources and complicating workflows, with staff frequently needing to engage with customer software administrators and end users. Software can be best-of-class in its niche, but without online help content and support documentation, the cost of startup and use goes far beyond its price. In this case, customer administrators set up the software incorrectly, costing the team hours of rework and support.

Diligent needed a technical writer to onboard swiftly and support a product with minimal documentation and little existing processes.


DevDocs was engaged to create online help documentation and release notes from scratch, addressing various topics, including workflow, quick start, and administration functions. Our experienced software documentation writers defined an MVP scope, then created 20 online help topics covering the software's robust features and functionalities. We provided a technical writer with a suitable skillset to quickly contribute quality work, delivering a custom outcome in just months.

DevDocs additionally constructed a knowledge hub compiling over 80 articles, which helped customer administrators and end users find answers quickly, minimizing support requests and the need for in-person assistance.


The online knowledge base helped software administrators correctly install the system, resulting in a 54% decrease in routine support tickets and providing staff with increased bandwidth to focus on building software updates and features. With DevDocs’ continued content updates and release notes, the software’s end users can continue to reap its benefits, focusing on their employees embracing and attesting to corporate policies, rather than struggling to figure out software functionality.

DevDocs has been an excellent addition to our team. We asked them to build customer documentation for products that had little in this regard, and they were quickly able to take us to a customer outcome in the span of a few months.

They have continued to iterate and improve deliverables since this time, formalizing processes as they go, and readily taking on new work as it becomes necessary, almost entirely self-driven in this capacity.  

DevDocs has so far been a reliable partner in supplying contingent technical writers and I suggest continuing this relationship wherever it is appropriate to do so.

Brendon P

Ian Alton

Director, Product Content



decrease in customer support requests


articles written on CRM support and installation

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