GDPR compliance consulting from technical GDPR experts

Be secure in your GDPR compliance with expert technical consulting that mitigates significant risks and regulatory penalties to your business.

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Proactive protection from GDPR experts

Reduce risks and avoid costly regulatory actions with a comprehensive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strategy. Failure to comply with GDPR requirements can cost businesses millions of dollars, yet many companies unknowingly operate in non-compliance. DevDocs’ team of GDPR consultants is deeply experienced in the technical complexities of GDPR and can consult on your current compliance position to ensure your organization's ongoing security. Let us help safeguard your business from costly fees with an effective GDPR compliance plan.

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Guidance from technical GDPR experts

GDPR regulation is complex and requires technical acumen that goes beyond just legal knowledge. We are technical GDPR experts who will audit your practices and help architect your systems to be fully compliant with the law.

An entire technical consulting team under one subscription cost

Augment your staff with content strategists, information architects, developers, and tech writers deeply experienced in SaaS, API, and developer-facing docs. Let us implement best practices to improve your processes.

“DevDocs is the ideal tech partner for our fast-paced environment. They consistently deliver excellent solutions quickly, and have successfully handled every challenge we’ve presented to them, from blog writing to web development.”

Ryan Young, Technical Writing Strategist at Stripe

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"DevDocs improved the readability of our existing content and corrected misleading instructions, preparing our services for Beta release seamlessly. Their attention to detail was impeccable. Moreover, DevDocs went above and beyond by creating user content for unreleased features, ensuring our clients continue to derive value in the future."

Marc LeDoux, CTO at Pulsario

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“Their expertise in web development, content creation, and blockchain integration allowed us to complete a complicated and multifaceted project swiftly and seamlessly, with the DevDocs team managing every aspect of the project in a professional and timely manner.”

Brendon Pasisi, Project Manager at NOW Trust Board

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GDPR-compliant software isn't so compliant

Software solutions may spotlight GDPR compliance, but basic implementations do not provide a necessary level of data protection, leaving the door open for massive regulatory fines. Learn how technical GDPR consulting is necessary for achieving true GDPR compliance.

Complete GDPR consulting

Identify and address GDPR compliance gaps, establish robust data protection practices, and minimize the risk of fines and fees by adhering to regulatory standards.

GDPR Gap Analysis
Discover where your current practices fall short of fulfilling GDPR compliance. We will provide a comprehensive compliance assessment for your organization’s current GDPR position, reviewing requirements and identifying gaps and risks along the way.
GDPR Data Flow Analysis
Let us map how personal data moves within your organization’s systems and processes, pinpointing vulnerabilities and planning appropriate safeguards, such as encryption or access controls, to reduce the risk of data breaches and potential GDPR penalties.
Data Privacy Consulting
Get data protection consulting from our expert consulting team. We will provide detailed data maps and help define standardized processes, roles, and responsibilities to ensure internal and external stakeholders maintain GDPR compliance.
Privacy Impact Assessment
Let us identify and assess potential privacy risks associated with a particular project, system, or process. We will provide an analysis of your data processing, including the purposes of processing, data flows, potential risks to individuals' privacy, and measures to mitigate those risks.
Cybersecurity Assessment
We will locate vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your organization's information systems and infrastructure, helping to enhance the security of personal data, reduce the risk of data breaches, and demonstrate ongoing compliance with GDPR requirements for ensuring the security and confidentiality of personal data.
Data Breach Response
A data breach response plan enables organizations to swiftly and effectively respond to incidents that compromise the security of personal data. We will help train your team on promptly identifying and containing breaches, notifying affected individuals and relevant authorities, and implementing remedial actions.
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We defined a healthcare startup's processes

Medical device manufacturer Pulsario needed comprehensive documentation for regulatory approval. Learn how our robust product and process documentation helped them quickly get their first product on the market.

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Software documentation services for SaaS

Learn how managed technical writing services can improve your support response while optimizing your team's efficiency.

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