Amazing documentation guides like an airport

Generally, good documentation writing involves recording pertinent information while minimizing jargon. But amazing documentation writing isn’t just about improving readability. Like a map, good documentation considers all locations simultaneously, presenting guidance that is clear, consistent, and considerate of its intended users at all times.

Amazing technical documentation takes a holistic approach to guidance, knowing what information its intended audience will need and when they will need it. Creating amazing documentation goes beyond the basics, comprising both product familiarity and technical prowess in presenting that knowledge so that users of any skill level can accomplish their tasks quickly without having to resort to outside sources for assistance. 

Amazing documentation retains users

amazing documentation for developers

Your documentation should entice developers to become your next power users. It shouldn’t lose potential advocates who could do fantastic work with your tool because your documentation could have explained it better. You won't see the light go out in their eyes because they cannot make sense of your product. That's a terrible reason to lose a potential power user, for your documentation to point them to a competitor.

Amazing documentation arms your team to help people at scale

You can't call them, but your power users and Developer Advocacy team are out there, constantly linking your documentation whenever people encounter problems. Hopefully, you already have a page written that addresses each of these reported issues because for every person who experiences it, hundreds of others likely have, even though only one person took the time to complain.

If that's the case, it’s unfortunate that one person complained, but 999 people left because your tool was too hard to use. Having relevant and updated links readily available helps prevent this problem and provides a solid foundation to build upon as your team gathers new insights.

Amazing documentation comes from amazing documentarians.

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Amazing documentation absorbs knowledge

documentation knowledge transfer

Amazing documentation allows you to collect and record developer experiences, such as bug reports, easily slotting them in so that if someone else faces them, they won’t get frustrated and leave. They can locate the answer quickly before it becomes a nuisance.

Amazing documentation allows a developer who's never seen your tool to figure out what it does, fast

Developer documentation is like a user interface for developers. Yes, they'll poke around, click buttons, and type things in the command line. But the documentation is where they go to learn the rules of the game and where they go when they get frustrated. Your documentation will be their experience with your tool for their entire development time.

Developers don’t have time to troubleshoot or Google how to operate your tool. Amazing documentation provides a self-service model for all developers to find immediate answers wherever they are in their process.

Developers are travelers & documentation is a map

developer documentation

For developers, installing a tool is like arriving at the airport. You need to figure out whether to go left or right when getting dropped off, and you need to get there quickly because your flight is departing soon. So the documentation is all those visible and abundant signs that say “F gates” are over there.

Upon arrival at the gate, you must know which seat is yours. Sure, there are lovely people behind the desk to help you, but there are also long lines and an inability for them to assist all travelers at once. Locating your seat is like consulting a tool’s reference documentation, clearly presenting the row and seat assignment to all travelers.

Do you need to navigate a new language in your destination? It is helpful to have quick access to reference documents, which, like a translation dictionary, provide the exact terminology needed to help you efficiently accomplish your tasks.

Whoops, did you end up at the gift shop instead of your gate? No need to wait for a seat on the next open golf cart—your amazing documentation has built-in escape hatches and portals that will immediately take you to the right spot, wherever you are in your journey. A well-structured information architecture ensures documentation contains no rabbit holes, consistently reorienting developers as they progress.

Amazing documentarians are guides

technical documentation for developers

Amazing documentation consolidates your product’s insights into an understandable, intuitive format so developers of any skill level will know which buttons to press to find the proper tutorial, categories, or reference documents. 

Amazing documentarians are guides; they’re coders; they’re that intersection of knowing what someone doesn't understand and how to explain it until they do. Foster developer connections and implement your team’s knowledge to leverage amazing documentation. We will help you build it.

We are developers-turned-writers with deep experience in planning and creating amazing documentation that continuously improves operational efficiency. Contact us today for a project estimate.

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