Stripe & Twilio: Achieving growth through cutting-edge documentation

A documentation-first strategy assists startup growth by attracting developers, supporting end users, and encouraging community growth. Like a map, good documentation guides and inspires users to make the most of a product or service, assisting in growing users and spurring power users. 

Fostering a culture of documentation helps startups grow and scale comfortably, motivating users to become product loyalists and helping developers spread the word. In this article, we will examine how two tech giants achieved and sustained early growth momentum through comprehensive and consistent documentation. 


Payments processing company Stripe amassed significant growth and success through continued focus on providing accessible and comprehensive documentation to its developers and end users. Here are some key points illustrating how this focus on documentation contributed to Stripe's ongoing growth:

  1. Developer-friendly appeal
    • Stripe prioritized creating a developer-friendly platform. By providing clear, detailed, and well-organized documentation, Stripe made it easy for developers to integrate its payment solutions into their applications. This ease of integration lowered the barrier to entry for many startups and businesses, encouraging widespread adoption.

  1. Comprehensive coverage
    • Stripe's documentation covers a wide range of topics, from basic payment processing to more advanced features like subscription billing, fraud prevention, and global payment methods. This comprehensive coverage ensures that developers can find the information they need for virtually any use case, making Stripe a versatile tool for different business models.

  1. Accessible and up-to-date
    • The documentation is designed to be accessible, with clear explanations, code examples, and guides. Stripe also maintains and updates its documentation regularly to keep up with new features and changes in the platform. This commitment to keeping the documentation current helps users stay informed about the latest capabilities and best practices.

  1. Enriching community support
    • Stripe fostered a strong developer community, providing forums, discussion boards, and other support channels where users can ask questions and share knowledge. The availability of these resources complements the official documentation and helps users troubleshoot issues more effectively.

end user documentation for support

  1. API consistency and reliability
    • The consistency and reliability of Stripe’s APIs, coupled with detailed API reference documentation, ensure that developers can build robust integrations. The documentation provides clear guidelines on how to handle errors, test in sandbox environments, and scale implementations, contributing to a smooth development experience.

  1. Localization and global reach
    • Recognizing the needs of a global audience, Stripe has made efforts to localize its documentation for different languages and regions. This approach has helped Stripe expand its user base internationally, making it easier for non-English-speaking developers to use the platform.

By focusing on these aspects of documentation, Stripe created a robust support system for its users, fostering trust and loyalty among developers and businesses. This focus on providing accessible and comprehensive documentation has been instrumental in driving Stripe's growth and establishing it as a leading player in the payment processing industry.

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Another example of a successful company with a documentation-first strategy is Twilio. Twilio provides cloud communications platforms and services, allowing developers to build SMS, voice, and messaging applications through a suite of APIs. 

Twilio prioritized creating comprehensive, easy-to-navigate documentation that caters to developers. This focus made it simpler for developers to integrate Twilio's APIs into their applications, fostering widespread adoption and a robust developer community. Following are some key aspects of Twilio’s documentation strategy:

  1. Clear and detailed documentation
    • Twilio’s documentation is known for its clarity and detail. It includes thorough explanations of API endpoints, parameters, and expected responses, which helps developers understand how to use Twilio's services effectively.

  1. Extensive code examples
    • Twilio provides numerous code examples in various programming languages, making it easier for developers to see how to implement features in their preferred language. These examples are often paired with step-by-step tutorials.

  1. Interactive documentation
    • Twilio's documentation often includes interactive components, such as code snippets that can be executed directly in the browser. This enables developers to test APIs and see results immediately.

  1. Regular updates and maintenance
    • The documentation is regularly updated to reflect new features, changes, and best practices, ensuring that developers always have access to the most current information.

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  1. Community and support integration
    • Twilio’s documentation is integrated with community forums and support resources, allowing developers to seek help, share knowledge, and get feedback from both Twilio staff and other developers.

  1. Educational resources
    • Twilio provides a wealth of educational resources, including blog posts, webinars, and online courses, that complement the official documentation and help developers learn how to use the platform more effectively.

Twilio's documentation-first strategy has been instrumental in establishing it as a leading player in the cloud communications space, demonstrating how a commitment to high-quality documentation can drive a company's growth and success. 

Good documentation assists in rapid adoption, stronger developer communities, and customer satisfaction, reducing frustrations and leading to higher retention rates. At DevDocs, we specialize in planning and creating documentation-first strategies that assist in startup growth. Learn more about our startup documentation services, or get in touch with us today to talk more about your needs.

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