Why software development experience is pivotal in hiring a technical writer

The demand for highly skilled technical writers is rising, and understandably so. Technical writers are crucial in the software development lifecycle, translating complex technical information into clear, user-friendly documentation. While proficiency in writing and attention to detail are fundamental skills for a technical writer, having a background in software development can significantly enhance the effectiveness and value of their technical output. 

Insights gained only from direct experience

developer documentation

Software development experience provides technical writers with a profound understanding of the product they document and an enhanced ability to convey this information to their intended audience. A background in software offers several key advantages:

A deeper technical understanding

Firsthand experience with coding and software development tools allows technical writers to grasp the intricacies of the software they document. Someone with direct experience building APIs will likely create better API documentation. They understand developers' pain points and technical challenges, providing necessary remedies through more accurate and well-planned documentation.

Improved communication

Understanding development processes enhances a technical writer's ability to communicate effectively with engineers and developers. These technical writers know first-hand the frustrations commonly encumbering software developers, such as having to google answers not found within poor documentation. This intimate familiarity and direct documentation experience leads to more efficient information exchange and collaboration, resulting in better-performing and shareable documentation.

Heightened contextual awareness

Experience in software development helps technical writers anticipate user needs and document accordingly. Superior documentation is planned to provide encompassing guidance, pathways, and exits at all points. By understanding the context in which users will interact with the software, they can create more relevant and practical documentation.

Enhanced documentation quality

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Incorporating software development experience into a technical writer's skill set improves the documentation's quality and accuracy, promoting better connections with development teams and end users. Improved documentation quality leads to a more seamless user experience and a more efficient development process.

More accuracy and precision in guidance

Technical writers with software development experience are better equipped to produce accurate and precise documentation. A familiarity with diving into code allows them to understand the nuances of the software they are documenting. This significant technical insight enables them to identify potential areas of confusion and address them proactively. Technical writers with software development experience can ensure that every instruction, code snippet, and explanation is correct, reducing the likelihood of errors that could frustrate users and lead to support requests.

Stronger use cases

One of the most significant benefits of software development experience is the ability to provide detailed examples and use cases. Technical writers with coding experience can create realistic and practical examples that resonate with users. These examples help users understand how to apply the software in real-world scenarios, increasing the effectiveness of the documentation. A well-crafted use case can bridge the gap between theory and practice, guiding users through complex tasks with ease.

Improved error identification

Technical writers with a development background are adept at identifying and correcting errors in both the software and its documentation. They can spot inconsistencies, bugs, and potential issues that may not be apparent to non-technical writers. This skill is particularly valuable during the documentation review, where catching errors in advance can save considerable time and resources. By providing precise feedback, these writers contribute to the overall quality and reliability of the software.

Bridging the gap between developers and users

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Creating truly user-centric documentation requires a deep understanding of the software as well as anticipation of how its users will interact with it. Software development experience helps technical writers achieve this, as their abilities allow them to quickly acclimate to a tool’s information architecture, while their experiences can give them a precursory feel for challenges users may encounter.

The high value of truly user-centric documentation

Developers-turned-documentarians can empathize with users' challenges and anticipate their needs, crafting documentation that foresees and addresses issues and concerns. By thinking like a user while leveraging their technical knowledge, they can produce content that is both accessible and informative, enhancing the overall user experience and better supporting the product’s community.

Building a better feedback loop

Technical writers with software development experience can create a more efficient feedback loop between users and developers. They are often better at collecting, interpreting, and conveying user feedback to the development team. Their technical prowess allows them to understand user issues in context to provide more precise and actionable feedback, quicker resolutions to user-reported problems, and continuous evolution of the software and its documentation.

Technical writers with software development experience play a vital role in ensuring software successfully bridges the gap between developers and users. Their ability to use their experiences to plan and create truly effective documentation contributes considerably to a product's performance and success.

At DevDocs, we are software developers-turned-documentarians with experience diving deep into products to craft transformative documentation efficiently. Contact us today to learn how our writers and consultants can support your team. 

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